Getting To Know Vegetable-Tanned Leathers

Getting To Know Vegetable-Tanned Leathers

What Does Vegetable Tanned Leather Mean?

Vegetable tanning is a process dating back centuries and is highly adopted by Italian tanners, especially those in Tuscany. This exclusive and time-consuming tannage method is a traditional process in which the cowhide is tanned (turned into leather) by using natural tannins from trees and plants. During the tanning process, the hides are soaked in tubs filled with tannins for weeks before they go through the dying process to get their rich color and character.

Vegetable-tanned hides have a distinguished look and are recognizable from chrome-tanned hides. They tend to be stiffer, taking longer to brake in. However, once broken in, they become very flexible and continue to soften. These types of leather are extremely durable and age beautifully. There is a certain uniqueness to an organically tanned leather, which modern methods of tanning can’t replace. This traditional and respected method is 100% natural and safe on the skin.

Why Is Vegetable Tanned Leather So Desirable?

The smell, feel, and look of a veg-tan leather is unique. It ages very well, and the patina that takes over through the passage of time is beloved among leather connoisseurs, making it a great characteristic for leather accessories, such as bags and wallets. 

Vegetable-tanned leather watch straps, although not very common, are a great choice due to their comfort. They are durable, rich in feel, and look spectacular, which only intensify in time and truly give a classic and vintage look to a timepiece. At HESILI, our vegetable-tanned leather straps are made from a single layer of full-grain leather without using linings and fillers. Full-grain leather is considered to be the highest quality grade of leather where the grain of the hide is intact.

Why Is Vegetable Tanned Leather Strap Suitable for Watches?

A watch is an everyday item; therefore, the strap that keeps the watch on the wrist should be durable and comfortable. A full-grain vegetable-tanned leather watch strap is exactly that. It might be a little stiff in the beginning, but once worn for a few days, it will become very supple.

A timepiece is also a personal companion. The patina that develops on a full-grain veg-tanned leather strap makes the leather personalized, as no two leathers will look the same. This distinct appearance can be very nice to have on a personal item, such as a timepiece.

More than 90% of the leathers produced worldwide are synthetically tanned, also referred to as chromium tanned. Therefore, it is only natural for vegetable-tanned leather to be much more desirable to own simply due to its rarity and quality. Take a moment to look at this picture to appreciate the beauty and character this camel-colored vegetable-tanned leather strap gives to this black lacquered timepiece.

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